Assessment Tool

We have our own platform of online and tablet based assessment. As we have own technical expertise team of web based solution development and android base application. We maintain our own datacenter and server. Main features of our Assessment Tool:

  • 3 tier architecture.
  • Multilayered security implementation.
  • Powerful administrator control.
  • Bulk question uploading.
  • Bulk candidate uploading.
  • Can generate n numbers of sets of papers subject wise.
  • Centralized control of proctored exam.
  • Centralize geotagging and timestamping for tracking


For more information about our product, please download our Feature Presentation.

Our Application Architecture

A 3-tier architecture is an application program and deployment style that is organized into three major parts, each of which is distributed to a different place or places in a network. The three parts are:

  • • Presentation Tier
  • • Logic Tier
  • • Data Tier

Presentation tier is the topmost level of the application. The presentation layer provides the application's user interface (UI). Typically, this involves the use of Graphical User Interface for smart client interaction, and Web based technologies for browser-based interaction.

The Logic tier (called also business logic, data access tier, or middle tier) is pulled out from the presentation tier and, as its own layer; it controls an application's functionality by performing detailed processing. Logic tier is where mission-critical business problems are solved. The components that make up this layer can exist on a server machine, to assist in resource sharing.

Data tier consists of database servers, is the actual DBMS access layer. It can be accessed through the business services layer and on occasion by the user services layer. Here information is stored and retrieved. This tier keeps data neutral and independent from application servers or business logic.

Proctored Assessment Methodology