About Us

Welcome To Khalsa Skill & Placement Services Pvt Ltd.

Khalsa Skill & Placement Services Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading companies of India, working in the segments of education, skill development and placements. Khalsa Skill & Placement Services Pvt Ltd.has taken an initiative to provide skill training and development to the unemployed sector.

It is playing vast and vital role in the development of the nation through quality education technology. The main focus of the company at this time is in the area of skill oriented trainings and assessment to the masses.

The assessment research and development team at Khalsha Skill & Placement Services has created a bouquet of validated tests in the area of cognitive abilities, personality development, general abilities and domain skill sets in sectors like Automobile, Engineering services, Construction, Retail, Medical and Nursing, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Security, Agriculture and Leather etc. Ultimately the real one discriminating factor between an average company and a great company is its people. And organizations will win when they have the best people with optimum skill sets.

Having expertise in the area of developing assessment tools and deploying proctored assessment (online, offline & tablet based), today Khalsha Consultancy has attain its name in top organizations. We have experts panel, and they provide their valuable and innovative ideas for research & development in the area of Skill Development and Assessment. We have our own infrastructure and centralized system to deploy any kind of assessment.